Kelley Havens, on working with glass, clay & natural inspiration:

By turning raw materials into treasures, creating mosaic art is an uplifting and evolutionary process. By playing off sunlight trapped in the shine and sparkle of fragmented glass, I am able to appreciate the nuances of light and shadow of the passing day, reflected and illuminated in each piece.


I also have an affinity for ceramic relics of primitive origin, hints of a way of life buried in time. We put these precious fragments together and try to imagine the world that fashioned them. As I work with clay, I feel the simplicity of Earth’s textures and relate that to the artisans of tribal times.


I share an equal fascination for flora and fauna trapped in rock fossil, earth’s own way of recording nature’s exquisite patterns. They are like tiny blueprints of universal intelligence. I see the patterns in nature, from the microscopic to the cosmic level. The spiral design of a seashell, eardrum, hurricane, thumbprint or galaxy, for example, are basic geometric shapes repeated throughout all life. Look at leaves, arteries and rivers.    


Nature’s designs have been an amazing teacher for me.

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Photo-from Newspaper Article.jpg
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